Welcome to The Crowe’s Circle

Let your soul awaken and feel deeply into who you truly are.

About Me

I started this community because for my whole life I felt like I did not belong and no matter how hard I tried I could not connect and did not feel supported.

I have since spent many years collecting tools and gaining wisdom to connecting back to my authentic self while training with teachers and Shaman’s to accept myself and what I am here to do on this earth.

I want nothing more than to support you through this as well, but also give you a place to connect with others as well.

I hope this community provides a warm safe haven to feel into all that you are and love yourself deeply.  

Why You Should Join Me

This is a place to connect to yourself deeply and meet others in a warm and safe space.

Rituals and tools to help you along the way and most of all an energetic circle that cradles your heart while your soul awakens.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining and sharing your beautiful soul with all of us. I appreciate each and every one of you immensely.